Menopause Tea-She's A Hottie™

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She's A Hottie™

Peach Organic Tisane 

Most women eventually experience some effects of "the change". This herbal combination is designed to target an array of common menopausal symptoms. Since many of the herbs in this blend are known to energize the body and mind it’s recommended as a daytime beverage. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing

Characteristics: The peach is plentiful in this fruity blend of aromatic herbs. A great balance of sweetness on the palate.

Net weight 1.9 oz.

This product has the following certifications: USDA Organic, Kosher.

This tea ia crafted and packaged in the USA!

Organic ingredients: green rooibos, yerba mate, angelica root (dong quai), white peony root, maca root, lily flower, dandelion leaf and root, gingko leaf, sweet sage, rose petals, rosemary, ginseng, raspberry leaf, red clover flower and leaf, sarsaparilla, saw palmetto, wild yam, honey, peaches, peach flavor, calendula


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