About Us


Our company concept began with my own wedding in 2011. I had researched trends and supplies, and found or created low-cost personal touches that everyone involved in our wedding could enjoy. I wanted to involve our guests so they would remember our wedding for more than just a free meal among strangers. For instance, our personalized wedding trivia challenge got guests talking to each other as they sought answers about us, our bridal party and other guests; prizes were an incentive. Our DJ used it to engage everyone for reviewing answers and adding personal comments about us while awarding prizes. It was a grand success!

Unfortunately, the week after our honeymoon I joined many Americans in the unemployment line due to the economic downturn. I was determined to make a positive change out of a negative situation, so I began to reinvent myself. Using my design background I created items that could be shared with other brides, event planners, party goers and DJs to enhance their events too. My first goal was to offer items that help break the ice, not the budget.  For customer convenience many printable items can be instantly downloaded for printing, or we can print and ship our games to you. For a personal flair, we can also customize some of the items.

In addition to supplying event planners with tools to pull off a great party, we are promoting healthy living with the delicious organic teas from, Tea For Eve. This company specializes in teas designed for all the different stages and health issues of a woman's life. For more information about this amazing company visit www.teaforeve.com